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#5 Market Fuel      CFN
1713 N State Street                    
Bellingham WA 98225

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2200 E Bakerview Rd                  
Bellingham WA 98226

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655 Sunset Park Dr                     
Sedro Woolley WA 98284

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Commercial Fueling Network

CFN Technology leads the industry.

Drivers no longer have to carry cash or credit cards to fill up company vehicles.

No fees!

No set up fees, no transaction fees, no monthly fees, no statement fees.

Card controls

Regulate purchases by day of the week, time of day, fuel type, volume, purchase frequency… and more.

Controls for each card can be set up differently so they are tailored to fit the drivers specific job duties. Issue cards by vehicle or driver. Lock card instantly. Monitor fueling activities. Fueling sites open 24 hours/day 365 days/year. Detailed transaction reports for acurate tax reporting. Instant access to transactions and credit card controls via the internet. Receive an e-mail or page whenever the card is used.

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Or call us with your questions! 1-800-401-2201 is committed to service excellence. We pride ourselves in unmatched customer service and work hard to make fueling with us as hassle-free and as user-freindly as possible. We prefer to take the honest approach, and we think you will enjoy our staff and services.


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Sammy's Place

Sammys MF pagesm

Irongate CFN

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Cedardale Mount Vernon

Cedardale CFNsm

Roeder Ave CFN, Bellingham, WA

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…larger fleets have seen the light and put their fleet vehicle fuel purchases and mileage monitoring under the fuel management umbrella.

Gene Allen

Automotive Fleet

Market Fuel Locations

Sammy's Place: State Street, Bellingham

Sammys MF pagesm

Sammy’s Place
1715 State St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

Sammy Mansour – Owner

Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel
Member CFN Network
Convenience Store
Ethanol Free Gasoline

Market Fuel - Sedro Woolley

Market Fuel SedroWoolley PPCFNMFsm

Irongate Road CFN

Irongate CFNsm

2200 Bakerview Road, Bellingham, WA

Cedardale CFN Mount Vernon
Roeder Ave CFN - Bellingham, WA

Roeder Avenue CFNsm2801+Roeder+Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225

Whatcom Falls - Bellingham, WA
Truck City - Blaine, WA

Truck HWYsm

Here are some things you can count on when fueling with CFN!

You can account for every penny. Whether you use monthly reports by mail – or access detailed information via the internet as it posts your account – you’ll know how and where company money was spent. You can restrict what fuel is usedlimit the number of transactionslimit the number of gallons per transactionset what time of day and week the card is valid, even limit what state or country the card can be used in!

You save time. Instead of juggling multiple cards and reconciling a variety of credit card slips, cash receipts and house account invoices, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a single vehicle purchasing card and one, easy-to-read monthly invoice. With real-time internet access to your account information, you can easily make account updates right from your desktop.

You get security. Using CFN, you can choose to have each driver carry a Single Card, use our Two Card System, or optimize security with the Floating Pin System. Concerned about a particular driver? CFN’s CardWatch will e-mail you everytime the specified card is used! With CFN real time internet access, you don’t need to wait until the end of the month to find out about questionable activity, it is all at your fingertips 24 hours a day!

You get Detailed Billing. Our billing has advanced features for each purchase like card description, date, time, location, miles per gallon, odometer, product type, gallon amount, price per gallon, and total purchase amount for each transaction. Combine detailed billing with our 24 hour internet access and you get unparalleled security and fleet management.

You save money. The time tested truth is that moving from conventional purchasing practices to the CFN program, our customers see, on average, a 15% drop in their fleet management costs as well as saving administrative time! Plus, at CFN we reward your increasing business with volume discounts, so as your fleet grows you save!

You get coverage. CFN offers expanded coverage throughout the United States and Canada. Click here to find the 10 Closest CFN sites. When you carry the CFN Fleet Card, we offer you the latest technology available today to manage your bottom line. Whether by account or card, we are here to ensure you receive the full benefit of fuel management. We have made very effort to develop a program that brings real benefits to our customers. So go ahead, snoop around, we know that you’ll find that the CFN Fleet Card Program can work for you too. If you would rather talk to customer service, Contact Us! We look forward to serving you,

Membership Details

Materials – Every account is provided with available materials that CFN has to offer. This includes Detailed Map Books, detailing how to get to every location, Tyvek envelopes for cards, and keychain holders for cards. We might even have some CFN pens we can send your way. Contact us to get a sample of the materials.

Cards – All cards are mailed out first-class the same day they are requested, actual arrival times vary depending upon your location. There is no limit to the number of cards you may request, cancel, update or renew. However, we reserve the right to discuss this with you if you have 2 vehicles and order 100 cards.

Application Processing – Upon receving your application, the general approval time is 7 days. However, if we cannot contact a reference, it may take longer, but you will be notified if a replacement reference is needed. Click Here for applications.

Daily Account Audit – Every day our customer service department will check your account for things like failures, and wrongs pin #’s. If we suspect one of your cards wil not be able to fuel or we suspect suspicious activity, you will receive a call the following business day.

Quarterly Newsletter and Immediate Updates – Every quarter we send out a CFN Newsletter with Fleet management advice and details about any updates to the CFN program. When supplied with your e-mail address, our customer service department will send you updates as they happen empowering you to use CFN to its full potential.

Fees – With CFN you pay ONLY for the price of fuel! We do not charge any Monthly, Service, Shipping, Handling, Per Card, Per Transaction, Startup, Administrative, or any other fee! If you have any questions about fees, Contact Us!

Card Options

Description – Each card whether Driver or Vehicle can be given its own specific description, such as Vehicle #345 or Driver John Smith. These descriptions will show up on your invoice as the card title with details of all transactions following. See Image in Detailed Billing.

Odometer – Use the odometer to track your vehicle’s mileage. Not only is it a good idea to track miles per gallon, but a drastic increase/decrease can be a good sign of misuse, lack of driver diligence, or equipment failure; all of which require attention.

Manual Entry – This option allows the driver to enter a number with each transaction to specify the vehicle that is being fueled. Our software then takes that number and links it to the vehicles file in our office, which combines all purchases and a list of drivers who fueled that vehicle on your month-end invoice

Customized Pin # – Pin #’s can be transferred from prior fleet program or simply changed at any time to meet your driver’s needs.

Single Card Program – The Single Card Program gives you one customized card per vehicle or driver in your fleet or a combination of both. All Card Restrictions and Card Options are available with the Single Card Program.

Two Card Program – The Two Card System issues a Driver Card and a Vehicle Card for every driver and vehicle in your fleet. A fuel purchase cannot be completed without the swiping of both a Driver Card and a Vehicle Card. Detailed billing then shows you a list of your vehicles and who fueled them. The advantage to this program is that one card cannot work without the other so if a card is stolen or lost it cannot be used without a partnering card even if they know the Pin#. All Card Restrictions and Card Options are available with the Two Card Program.

Floating Pin Program – The Floating Pin Program is the Single and Two Card Programs mixed together to create a “best of both worlds” card. A Floating Pin Card acts like a Single Card, in that you need only one card per vehicle, but each driver can use their own personalized Pin# to authorize the transaction, detailed billing then shows you a list of your vehicles and who fueled them. In essence, it is the Two Card Program without having to swipe the Driver’s Card. The Floating Pin Card works great for companies with driver’s routinely swapping vehicles. All Card Restrictions and Card Options are available with the Floating Pin Program.

Card Restriction Controls

All restrictions are Per Card and can be set specifically to Each Vehicle or Driver’s fueling needs

Vehicle Tank Size – Limit the amount of fuel per transaction to the actual size (volume) of your vehicle’s tank. This feature is a great deterrent of “same transaction skimming”.

Fuel Type – Limit the type of fuel for each specific driver or vehicle.
Stop paying for driver’s accidentally pumping Premium into your vehicles!*

Transactions – Limit the number of transactions allowed per day.
If your vehicle’s only fill up once per day, you can make sure that there are not any “extra” transactions on your invoice by setting your cards to only allow one fill up per day.

Time of Day – Limit the time of day that your cards are valid.
If your vehicles only run from 6 am – 6 pm, then we can set you cards to authorize transactions only within your business hours.

Day of Week – Limit the day of the week your cards are valid.
Does one of your vehicles run only on the weekend? CFN can limit that vehicle or driver’s card to authorize transactions Saturday and Sunday only.

Fueling Location by Type – Limit at what type of cardlock site your cards are valid.
The Commercial Fueling Network has two different types of stations; CFN Cardlock Sites & CFNnet Sites. The CFNnet Sites do not distinguish some card restrictions such as fuel type. CFNnet Sites can be restricted from your cards and your cards can be set to allow CFN Cardlock Sites only.

Fueling Location by State/Province – Limit in what State/Province(s) your cards are valid. If you find that certain states en route are a problem to your bottom line due to high taxes, etc. you can restrict your driver’s use of fueling sites in that state and encourage driver’s to fill up before they cross the state line.

Detailed Billing

CFN detailed billing

Description – What card authorized purchase of fuel.

Date – What date fuel was purchased.

Time – Exact time transaction was finished.

Location – Site # card was used at.

Odometer – Mileage entered by driver.

Product Type – Type of fuel dispensed.

Gallon Amount – Total gallons dispensed in transaction.

Total Purchase – Total purchase price per transaction.

Summaries – Miles per Gallon, Gallon Summary, and Total Purchase Amount per Card.

Manual Entry – This option allows the driver to enter a number with each transaction to specify the vehicle that is being fueled. Our software then takes that number and links it to the vehicles file in our office, which combines all purchases and a list of drivers who fueled that vehicle on your month-end invoice.


Volume Discounts – CFN’s Volume DIscounts reward you for growth. As you reach each volume milestone, your price decreases. Our volume discounts go as high as $0.115 per gallon.

Payment Discounts – CFN’s Payment Discounts reward you for promptly paying your bill (by the 15th) with a $0.03 per gallon discount. We will even give you $0.05 per gallon discount automatically if you sign up for automatic ACH Direct Withdrawl out of any bank account you specify! Depending on your volume, you could save up to $0.165 per gallon.

Price Faxing – At the CFNdesk, every account has an option of having a route planner faxed to them every Tuesday and Friday. The route planner contains sites that you specify and the prices that you will see on your bill at the end of the month. This will enable you to monitor your fuel costs throughout the month and allow you to be proactive in your fleet management.

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Account Options

Monthly Gallon Limit – Every Account has the option of limiting the accounts gallons per month. For example, if you know you will never go through more than 500 gallons per month it is a good idea to set a monthly gallon limit to prevent unauthorized fuel purchases from taking you over your limit. Real Time Internet Access – As if CFN’s Card Controls weren’t enough, we have taken it a step further with Real Time Internet Access. Every Account has the option to permit as many authorized users as needed to manage your account from any computer with internet access. CFN’s Online Service lets you be proactive in your fleet management and gives you the power other fleet programs can’t match!

  • Get Up-to-the-minute transaction details – Don’t wait till the end of the month to see who is buying where
  • Get up-to-the-minute authorizations – Check it every morning to see if anyone has had problems fueling
  • Get Account/Card Reports – See summaries by Month, Account, Card, Product, or Vehicle. Even Graph it!  

  • Set Gallon Limits on fleet cards
  • Set Time profile on fleet cards
  • Set CardWatch – Every time a selected CFN fuel card is authorized, declined or the sale is complete, an e-mail is sent to a designated pager, cell phone or computer. It’s called CFN Card Watch and it’s just one of the many security and tracking features offered by CFN.
  • Invalidate and Validate Any Card – You have the power to shut off your own fleet cards at any time of Day or Night!

Invoicing and Statements – Have your billing faxed or emailed to your office. You don’t have to wait for snail mail, get your fleet information the instant it is available!